london-daytrips-titleSometimes life in London can be a bit suffocating. Even if you are just visiting for a few weeks, leave the big city behind you for a day and see what the rest of the UK has to offer. There is so much to do and see just outside of London only a short train or bus ride away. These five ‘day trips’ take under 2 hours by train and are worth leaving London for.

5. Brighton


What to do?
Walk through the colourful lanes and through the famous Brighton Pier. Grab some fish and chips and sit on the pebble beaches to enjoy. Have a look at the world oldest operating Sea life Aquarium with tickets starting from £10.

Getting there
Trains from London to Brighton leave from London Bridge, London Victoria, London St Pancras Intl or London Blackfriars, and there are several departures an hour. A direct service will take just under an hour from London Victoria. Tickets start from £10.50 each way and include
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Wearing: Glassons bare shoulder top | TopShop Black Slim Jeans | Glassons Pink Round Bag | Adidas Superstars sneakers | Finerrings Black Choker

Spring has sprung and I am so excited to ditch the coat in favour for flowy dusters, bare shoulders and trainers. My favourite thing about Spring is pastels and florals, (florals? for spring? Groundbreaking.) which is why I am totally smitten with my new bag and love the blossom tree forming just outside my house.

Side note: I’ve gotten into a really bad habit of pushing blogging aside. I have been totally burnt out from working full time, trying to keep up a social life, writing etc. Anyone have any tips for finding time to blog with a 9 to 5? Would love to hear from you all. xx


Wearing: Assembly Label Tee | Pink Faux Leather Zara Jacket | French Connection Bucket Bag | Cotton On Ripped Distressed Denim | Senso Gabriella II Shoes
Maybe it is my childhood fantasies of wanting to be a ‘Pink Lady’ but I have become quite smitten with this Zara pink faux leather jacket. I actually purchased the same one in black in the UK (you might spot it in a few of my travel photos) so when I saw it was released in a pastel pink I was in love.  Leather jackets have always been my ‘go-to’ piece. I feel that you can wear a leather jacket with almost any outfit – you can dress it up or down and can mould it to almost any style of dress. Maybe this piece is a little less versatile, but I am still happy with my purchase all the same.


IMG_9940Last weekend I took myself to Bendigo, Victoria for a day trip. My main port of call was to see the Marilyn Monroe exhibition at the Bendigo Gallery but after wondering around the pretty city, I began to see why so many people have fallen in love with it. So, I thought I would share some of my favourite photos from my day.


IMG_9928Little old me standing underneath a three story high Marilyn. The ‘Forever Marilyn’ statue stands just outside Pall Mall and the Bendigo Art Gallery. It amazes me that the first time the statue has been out of the USA, it goes to a regional Australian city. But really, you can see why. Bendigo seems to have a rich cultural heritage and a appreciation for the Arts.


For a regional city, I was surprised how vibrant and contemporary Bendigo felt. While it has a gorgeous historical backdrop, there are intriguing laneways and arcades, quirky shops, great cafes and a real energy about the city that made it feel special. While Bendigo generally has a slower more relaxed paced than what i’m used to in Melbourne, there still seemed to be lots to do and plenty events on the calendar.


  • For Coffee: Naked Espresso Bar, or The Gallery Cafe tucked away behind the Art Gallery
  • For Brunch Cortille Cafe, a cafe with a coffee caravan on the inside that makes a mean hotcake and coffee.
  • For Views The Lookout Tower in Rosalind Park gives you a 360 degree panoramic view of Bendigo
  • For Shopping View Street Bazaar for collectables and antiques (located opposite the Bendigo Art Gallery) For Clothing Bath Lane & Chancery lane have some great fashion stores.
  • For Art Australia’s largest and most impressive regional art museum, Bendigo Art Gallery
  • For Nature Rosalind Park ,60 acres of grassy open spaces, lush leafy trees and a beautiful garden to explore

To check in luggage or to bring carry on; that is the question. With airlines charging hefty fees to check in your baggage, cabin luggage seems like a good alternative. The easiest way to avoid checking in luggage is to pack efficiently and ruthlessly. You will be surprised how much a well organised and thought-out suitcase can make a difference.


Generally, airlines allow one item of carry-on luggage and a personal item. (laptop bag, camera bag, handbag, etc) The main item is usually around 56cm height x 26cm width and 23cm dimension with the combined weight of both bags no more than 10kg. This varies from airline to airline with some being more lenient and airlines who won’t bother weighting cabin luggage. That being said, the less your bag weights, the better; nothing is worse than being made to throw out items to board your plane. (Guilty as charged)

Making the most of your Carry on Luggage

  • Only pack full outfits
    Don’t waste suitcase space packing alternative options. Go for versatile clothing that can be worn more than once on your trip.
  • Don’t pack heels
    A lot of people will disagree with me with this one, and I suppose it is personal preference but hear me out on this. Heels are clunky, can weight a tonne and take up a large amount of space in your suitcase. Plus from personal experience I can vouch that heels on cobblestones is not a good combination.
    If it is absolutely essential to take heels, opt for a comfortable versatile pair.
  • Rolling over folding
    Rolling compresses clothing making it easier to stack items and pack in a suitcase. For carry on luggage where your space is limited, rolling is a life saver.
  • Pack Knits, Wools and cottons
    Generally speaking, these materials can resist wrinkles so when you unroll them, there won’t be so many creases.
  • Packing Versatile Outfits
    Bring garments that can serve more than one function. Leggings can be great to wear on the plane, as pyjama bottoms and work out wear. This definitely goes for shoes. The less shoes taken the better.
  • Minimalise toileteres
    Cabin luggage has strict restrictions on liquids, aerosols and gels. These restrictions limit the quantity that you can take. Anything that will be supplies in your accommodation (shampoo, bodywash)

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