Wearing: Seed Heritage Wrap Jumpsuit | Zara Basics Pleather Jacket | French Connection Clogs

Hey you! Happy Valentines Day!

This jumpsuit is a new addition to my wardrobe. I love it because it’s lightweight, flowy, easy to dress up or down and will be great for my travel plans in 2017. (Vietnam & Greece!) I found myself in Seed a few weeks ago in search for basics where I came across it. Usually, I don’t impulse buy, I like to carefully consider each piece I add to my wardrobe. But I could already see myself wearing in Oia and I was smitten.

In less than I week I’m be off to Vietnam to start off my 2017 travel plans. I have already started packing (yes I am one of those super-organised pack well in advance type) and I thought I would share some of my carry on essentials. I have written a post before about utilising the space in your carry on but this is more about the essentials for a comfortable flights. Hopefully you’ll find this useful too!



When you live in such as an isolated country like Australia, you become accustomed to long haul flights and need more than one boredom buster. As much as I am a ‘one TV season in a day’ kinda girl, I still need some variety in my entertainment. I love my kindle because it’s lightweight and I can as many books as I want on there so I am not burdened by carry on weight limit.


I always take my own water bottle on planes as a ‘Just in case’ item. Some airlines don’t let you take water in even after security or will just hand out itty bitty bottles on the flight. Plus then you have a reusable water bottle for your travels.


Pressurised cabins have low levels of humidity and are very dry places to be for any length of time. Hand lotion and moisturiser are essential for softening and nourishing dry hands and skin on planes. The Vanilla & Orange Peel scent by the Grown Alchemist is my absolute favourite.


I don’t actually put any in my carry on to save space but I like to tie a light jumper around my waist when I board a plane. This way when it gets cooler on the flight I can put it on without and don’t have to sacrifice valuable room in my carry on for it.


I take my Travel Journal in my carry on for two reasons. Firstly, I couldn’t bare to loose it in my checked in luggage. Secondly, it gives me a chance to write down and organise my thoughts without distractions.


I take minimal jewellery when I travel but when I do, I always take it on my carry on. As a general rule I never check in anything that I can’t bare to loose and jewellery definitely falls in this category.


If your luggage get’s lost, it can be difficult to get a refill from far from home. As well as any prescription medication, pack any over-the-counter medications you might want during your flight in your carry on.

Toothbrush, toothpaste and facial wipes

Travelling long haul flights can make you feel pretty disgusting. I like to keep a small selection of toiletries in my carry on so I can freshen up half way through the flight and brush my teeth before the plane lands.

Phone Charger

Goes without saying that this is an important one. Most planes have USB ports in the back of the seats so if you’re really worried about space in your carry on you can always just put the cord in your pocket to keep your phone charged for the whole flight.

Change of Clothes & Underwear

I always pack a pair or two of underwear so I can freshen up on long flight. Plus if your bag gets lost or delayed you have a few pairs of underwear and another change of clothes until you make other arrangements.

What are your essential carry on items?


Take public transport

Public transport can be intimidating in foreign cities, so it can be tempting to fork out the cash for a taxi. However, you may just find that as well as public transport being more cost-efficient, it can also be quicker. Public Transport will allow you to immerse yourself in the city and get a greater feel for the neighbourhoods you pass by. As a bonus, figuring out a route via the bus and making your own way there can be rewarding as a traveller.

Keep a travel journal

Keeping a travel journal is one the best ways you can record your experiences and how you are feeling in that exact moment of time. You won’t be able to remember every single detail of your adventure, but flicking back through your journal years later will allow you to relieve some of your most treasured memories.

Eat at a restaurant or café suggested by a local

Tripadvisor and Yelp! can find help suggest some amazing places to dine. The only problem is that everyone is using these resources to get recommendations. Asking a local for their favourite spot could lead you to finding something off the beaten path that you won’t be able to find in the guidebooks to give you a true local experience.

Purchase a souvenir somewhere other than a gift shop

Put down the magnet and the tacky key rings. If you want a souvenir or memento from your travels look for something more authentic. Browse through local markets, shop for local products like candles, drinks, stationery crafts etc. You’re family and friends will enjoy your gifts even more and you’ll have something more authentic to remember your trip by.

Go on an excursion

If you trip involves a one destination city, try arranging a day trip to a near by town or city. The most remarkable destinations aren’t always in the cities.

Put away your map and get lost

OK, I’m not talking about being reckless and putting yourself in danger. Turn off your GPS and put away your map for the day and get lost. This way you are truly exploring off the beaten path and might stumble on some hidden gems.

Strike up a conversation

Whether you’re travelling abroad or simply taking a road trip for a weekend, it’s essential to talk to people around you, even if you have arrived with other people. You never know what info, tips or hidden gems you will be able to pick up on

Enjoy the moment

You know those people that have 300-second SnapChat stories…
In the age of social media, smartphones and push notifications it can be easy to get distracted by all the noise. Sometimes we can get so caught up taking photos and trying to capture the moment that we can forget to live in the moment. Take a quick snap, put down your phone and enjoy the ride.

What are some of your rituals or must-haves every time you travel?

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Wearing: ShowPo Flowy Maxi Dress | Glassons Western Belt | Senso Strappy Shoes

Happy Humpday! I hope everyone is enjoying their week so far, It’s definitely been a slow week for me but Wednesday means there is a light at the end of the tunnel to the weekend! Wednesday, it’s almost, kinda, close to, just, about nearly the weekend…
Sometimes strange has been happening to me over the past few months. I have been really obsessing over anything with ruffles, pirate like sleeves and flowy elements. This look never used to appeal to me AT ALL but lately, I can’t seem to be getting enough of that whole ‘romanticism’ vibe.

Even though this dress isn’t what I usually go for there are definitely classic elements of me. I’ve added a black western belt for a bit of flavour and paired the dress with my favourite pair of strappy Senso shoes.

Gift Wrapping with PolaroidsI don’t know about you, but I absolutely adore little details on gift wrapping. I love receiving presents where the wrap is so nice that you almost don’t want to open up what’s inside.

I am sending a few gifts to my friends abroad this week for birthdays and thought I would share a nifty little wrapping technique to take your gift wrapping to the next level. I have used this simple wrapping technique for years as a convenient way to use the 100s of polaroid photos I have no use.If you don’t have a polaroid camera or film you can use services like PolaBora that prints off retro style photos in polaroid and square shapes. All you will need for this super easy technique is:

    • Your favourite wrapping paper (even plain brown paper works well!)
    • Paper or craft string
    • Old polaroids or prints

Simply wrap your presents as usual, tie your craft string around in a bow, place your polaroid in the middle and voila! What are some of your favourite gift-wrapping hacks/techniques?