Travelling has always been a priority to me. While working full time means I don’t always have the opportunity to travel when I please, this year I will have taken two overseas trips a year, two domestic trips and a few weekend getaways.

Only the lucky few can make a career out of travelling full time. While you may not be able to take an 8-week European vacation working full time, you can still take time out of our lives to see the world. It just takes a little planning and budgeting and you will be off jet setting in no time.

The guilt factor

Studies have identified that only 51% of American take their paid vacations each year. How absurd is that? You work hard 8 or more hours a day and deserve to have some time off, yet for some reason, we feel guilty about leaving? Yet when you think about it, taking paid leave makes so much sense.

If you take time off work to travel and pursue your passion you will be more refreshed and feel more productive returning to work. Put plain and simple, you need that time off to recuperate and focus on you and this also benefits your employer.

Take advantage of holiday breaks

Maximise paid time off by booking your travel plans over public holidays or coinciding with weekends. While a lot of workplaces are more accommodating with work/life balance, it’s unlikely that you will be able to take 6 weeks off for vacation. (But hey, you may work somewhere really awesome)

With a little planning, you are able to extend your holiday time and take longer trips without digging into your leave.

Go away for the weekend

Sometimes the best travel experiences aren’t all that far. Look out for places close by and you can turn your weekends into mini holidays. Extend your weekend by a few days by taking off the Monday and the Friday and you get a mini-break.

Start to plan in advance

Working full time makes it harder to be spontaneous. You may need to have your holidays approved in advance and depending on your profession, there may be some periods where you can’t take it off.

This may mean you have to plan your holiday further in advance, ensuring that everything is in order. This isn’t necessary a bad thing as sometimes there are early bird booking specials and it means you have something to look forward to.

Just go alone

I travel alone around 50% of the time. The reason is that if I waited for someone else who wanted to go where I did when, when I did, I would keep delaying my plans. Not to mention trying to coordinate schedules and getting the same time off. That’s why if I wanted to go somewhere long enough, I know longer hesitate to go on my own.

Why do I keep a travel journal? There is no better keepsake than your tattered notebook with your own memories from your travels. Let’s face it; your memory is a slippery slope. We rely on photographs to trigger memories but looking through old photos and the names of people and places will slip away. Not only will a travel journal be able to tell you a tale of your travels for another time it will also capture the uniqueness of your experience.

It’s too easy to rush through a trip trying to see everything you can. Keeping a travel journal allows you to slow down and record your thoughts. There is no right or wrong way to use your travel journal, but if you are just getting started here are some tips to help you out.

Use your journal to plan your trip

You can start your travel journal before even leaving the country and set the intention of your trip. A travel journal can be somewhere to gather information, like names of contacts, articles, to do list, public transport details or even to research some local history. Write down whatever is on your checklist so you don’t forget it.

Write during your trip to slow down capture experiences

Journal entries don’t have to be long but it’s always easier to remember things when they are fresh in your brain. If you don’t have enough room or time to record in your journal a good idea is to write notes each day in your phone, which you can later, transcribe into your journal.

Add pictures and tokens to your journal

Keep paperwork. It may seem like nothing at the time but things like tickets, coasters can all trigger back certain memories and add a personal element to your journal. Pack a glue stick for the road or some masking tape and paste in everything you can. Your travel journal will soon become a personal and most prized souvenir.

Get a Journal you love writing in

Get a journal that you enjoy writing it. It’s worth investing in a beautiful notebook that will inspire you to write and will be something you will treasure. For me, I love a classic black moleskin sketchbook.

Prompts to inspire you to write

    • Where is next on your list?
    • Draw the faces of people you have met on your trip
    • Create a pocket for your tickets
    • Fill up a page with your favourite travel quote
    • Create a vocabulary and phrase list
    • Whats in your backpack? Draw all your items that you are keeping in your bag?
    • Colour the places you have visited on a map

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Wearing: Glassons Faux Fur Pink Coat | Sportsgirl Tres Bien Tee | Topshop Ripped Janie Jeans | Wittner Buckle Boots

Fluffy and Pink

Winter hasn’t even started yet but I have already found my new favourite coat. Anything fluffy and pink I am immediately drawn to so it was only natural I would fall in love with it. Even though it looks impractical it’s the softest thing I have ever put my hands on.

Keep Dreaming x

Last weekend my sister and I took a little getaway to Hobart, Tasmania. This year one of my resolutions is to go somewhere new each month and to explore more of Australia so I thought Tasmania was a good place to start. What I really liked about Hobart was how close everything felt without while still being able to maintain a modern lifestyle. There are great cafes, bars and restaurants with plenty to explore all pretty much being in walking distance. Here were some of my favourite things and my suggestions to do if you’re ever in the city.

Salamanca Markets

Every Saturday morning in Salamanca place holds a market filled with over 300 craft, food, and clothes stalls. If you’re anything like me and jump for joy anytime you hear the word market, Salamanca is wonderful! Salamanca itself it a really picaresque and there are some great restaurants and cafes if you don’t fill up on food at the markets.
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